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SOAPL: School of Apostolic and Prophetic Leaders

SOAPL is a 6-week course to help sharpen your leadership skills and activate you in your calling. Whether you’re a marketplace leader, volunteer ministry leader, five-fold leader or just someone interested in personal development, this school will equip you with the necessary tools and resources to become an even better leader.

We will be focusing on leadership principles that are both biblical and practical. During this course, you’ll learn how to effectively lead in the workplace or ministry setting, develop a clear vision for yourself and others, shift your mindset, avoid pitfalls, manage resources wisely and more.

All too often powerfully prophetic people fall into unnecessary traps! We will slam the door shut during this course by pouring years of experience and wisdom into you so that you can excel in God's call upon your life. At the end of the course, you’ll have a better understanding of the principles that make great leaders, as well as a renewed confidence in your ability to lead and affect change as you navigate the prophetic destiny for your life.

Over the course of these six weeks, it will include 12 modules of study. Each class will be available to you in your portal, pre-recorded in small segments. Additionally, live Q&A sessions will be available. We will also include notes, quizzes, and a leadership challenge notebook.

SOAPL is a 6-week course in total! We will explore these 12 Modules below!

1) The mentality of a leader. Leaders must think and process differently. This module will explore the mindset of a healthy leader as well as tackling the necessary functions and responsibilities of leadership. All transformation must include the mind.

2) Five streams of leadership. Jesus gave the church five gifts to lead and equip the saints. This module will explore how these five streams of leadership influence and equip us for our unique leadership assignments. Whether it be in media, marketplace or ministry there is an operation of one of these streams in the life of a godly leader.

3) Prophetic genius. Prophetically equipped leaders have a unique advantage! They are able to see, know and forecast the future. They arrive at problematic situations with solutions. The prophetic anointing taps the brilliance of God's mind and creative ability and is a vital component of Christian leadership.

4) Economic reformation & marketplace leadership. Every leader needs to understand budgets, resources, faith and economy. Additionally, God is raising up an army of apostolic and prophetic entrepreneurs who are making a major impact on the marketplace. Guest instructors: Jennifer Allwood and JaQuan Gamble will unpack this much needed subject.

5) Pitfalls and protocols. Understanding the dynamics of leadership, rank, roles and responsibility is critical for successful leadership. Also, learning to avoid traps and pitfalls that are common to leadership mandates is vital for longevity. This module will bring much needed insight in these areas.

6) Framing your generation. God marks the hearts of men and women with uncommon mandates to impact their peers. The apostolic is a building anointing that stewards these mandates, revelation and the capacity to build. This module will explore the building nature of the apostolic in leadership and the role that you must play in impacting your generation.

Please put the calendar like you did on EXPEL, there will be a class dropped every Tuesday night for 6 weeks. Starting February 21st, so you can put the countdown time on February 21st.Every second Tuesday, there will be an EXCLUSIVE PROPHETIC LIVE Q AND A.

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