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Sex and sexuality are often taboo subjects in the Church. Yet, the Bible is filled with admonition and teaching on these topics. The enemy does all that he can to bind people in sexual sin. In fact, there are demons that are assigned to harass and entangle people in the area of sex and sexuality.

This eCourse is a comprehensive teaching on sexual demons and attacks. Its aim is to equip people for freedom by increasing their knowledge of deliverance.

This class will answer your questions and MORE! It is in-depth yet easy to understand and loaded with vital answers.

Topics We Will Cover:

This eCourse will tackle these subjects: lust, incubus, succubus, spirit husbands and wives, and freedom strategies. Keeping the doors closed to these demonic spirits is a critical key to maintaining freedom and deliverance.

This teaching will equip you for both personal freedom and ministry of deliverance to others. It will take both a theological and practical look at these demonic beings and their assault against people to steal destinies. We will dive deep into study, teaching, discussion, and prophetic insight, with an approximate six hours of classroom teaching and training + a LIVE CLASS with APOSTLE RYAN.

Module 1:

Exposing the power of lust and unbridled desire.

Module 2:

Defeating the work of pornography & freedom in the Spirit.

Module 3:

Soul ties & sexually transferable demons.

Module 4:

Demonic dream attacks & open doors.

Module 5:

Incubus, Succubus and sexual demons.

Module 6:

Freedom Keys.

Module 7:

Live Class with Apostle Ryan.

Bonuses include:

Uncensored Facebook GROUP, Extensive Notes, Witchcraft in the Prophetic ebook, lifetime access, ONE exclusive new UNCENSORED LIVE CLASS that will only be available while UNCENSORED is OPEN. 


What People Are Saying:

Thank you for this school. I've learned so much I treasure the hours of time and material you have so beautifully put together to equip us, many blessings to you Apostle Ryan and your staff as well for all they do. It was an honor to be an attendee.