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Are you ready to learn, be encouraged, and receive powerful confirmation for your prophetic destiny? 

I have been working on something special for you. I want to see you reach max capacity this year! I’m doing something I have never done before, a full-throttle three-day LIVE INTENSIVE, January 27th - 29th, 7PM EST. I’m hitting three areas that I believe are fundamental for all of us: the ox (apostolic), the eagle (prophetic), and the call to entrepreneurship because I believe so many are being activated to create and capture wealth. God always designs and builds with precision. We can’t waste our time with random directions. We need the strategy of the ox and the sight of the eagle this year. This course is not just for preachers, it’s for believers who are serious about destiny.


Night one: I'm teaching on The Dynamics of Apostolic Anointing and Ministry. 

Night two: my special guest Pastor Gicele Wray-Lindley is teaching on Entrepreneurial Dynamics.

Night three: I’m teaching on The Dynamics of the Prophetic Anointing and Ministry! 


Exclusive VIP option. A one-hour live Q&A with Ryan at 10 am EST January 29th. Also an on-demand teaching from sought-after business coach Jennifer Allwood. This is a MUST for everyone serious about pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. 

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