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Have you ever had a dream that stood out, but you couldn’t figure out what it meant? This is so frustrating and yet very common. Prophetic dreams are a language filled with biblical symbols, numbers and life changing messages from God.

I want to HELP YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR DREAMS and find your purpose. Purpose can show up in the night season. That is why I am launching DREAMS DNA, a 6 hour e-course focused on prophetic dreams. You will gain valuable insight into your dream life and God’s prophetic purpose for you.

Join me for this journey! God spoke to Paul in a night vision and clarified his assignment. I believe He is also SPEAKING TO YOU. As we dive deep into this study, our ability to discern and understand His voice is going to grow. This CLASS IS LIMITED! We are capping enrollment at just over 1000 students. PLEASE DON’T PROCRASTINATE and MISS YOUR SLOT. Jump on the EARLY BIRD WAITLIST now.